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The Aluminium Facade of Corvin Supermarket Is Being Dismantled As Part of Blaha Square’s Long-Awaited Renovation

Ábrahám Vass 2018.05.23.

Most people, including many locals, weren’t aware that behind the aluminium facade of Corvin Supermarket on Blaha Lujza Square there is a real, old, rundown but definitely more charming one. This original face will soon become visible once again. 

At the moment, this aluminium facade is being dismantled, meaning that the old one will soon be visible again on one of the best-known and busiest squares of the Hungarian capital. The aluminium structure around the original facade was built in 1968 due to damages caused by fighting during the 1956 Revolution. Ironically though, the erection of the aluminium structure caused actually more damage to the building than the clashes of a decade earlier had.

The aluminium structure around the original facade is soon to be become a memory. Image via Fortepan.

The whole of Blaha Lujza Square is set to be renovated soon, with work beginning towards the end of this year. According to plans, the square will be transformed into a green space, meaning that the parking lot in the middle of Blaha will be dismantled. In addition, traffic around the square will be reorganized, and the notorious metro underpass may get a face-lift as well. The dismantling of the aluminum facade and the overall renovation of the Corvin Supermarket is just one part of this larger project, which tentatively should be completed by the end of 2019.

The original facade of Corvin Supermarket; image Via Facebook.

The first Hungarian (metropolitan) Mall opened in 1926, and became one of the symbols of Budapest. The Corvin was more than a market or a supermarket. In this building, the Hungarian ancestor of the modern supermarket, shoppers could find restaurants, ticket offices, photographer’s studios, and other services. In the halls of the mall, they organized fashion presentations and exhibitions. On top of all this, the Corvin Supermarket was also home to Hungary’s first escalator. Currently, the building is home to stores, fast-food stalls, pubs and a club.



featured image via Bukovszki Péter