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The Hungarian Fencing Federation (MVSZ) finished assembling Hungary’s Tokyo Olympics team on Tuesday evening. This year has a very promising line-up, since not only will Áron Szilágyi be returning for his fourth, Aida Mohamed will be competing in her seventh Olympics.

Hungary has a longstanding tradition of winning the fencing competitions of the Olympics. Accounting for all the medals won between the 1896 and 2016 Olympics, we stand in third place in the world with a total of 87, behind Italy and France. This is also the greatest number of medals Hungary has out of all the sports it takes part in, followed by swimming and canoeing.

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MVSZ put forth its team for this year in three categories, both individually and in teams. Replacement fencers cannot take part in individual matches but can swap into team matches at any time. This is new, since previously an injury needed to be suspected for a replacement to join in.

Team Hungary is as follows:

  • Men’s Sabre: Áron Szilágyi, András Szatmári, Csanád Gémesi (individual and team), Tamás Decsi (team). Replacement: Nikolász Iliász.
  • Women’s sabre: Anna Márton, Liza Pusztai, Renáta Katona (individual and team), Sugár Battai (team). Replacement: Luca Szűcs.
  • Women’s foil: Fanni Kreiss, Flóra Pásztor, Kata Kondricz (individual and team), Aida Mohamed (team). Replacement: Dóra Lupkovics.
  • Men’s épée: Gergely Siklósi

Of course, fans will be happy to know that the famous two-time Olympic gold medalist Áron Szilágyi will be taking part this year in his fourth Olympics, hopefully to continue his winning streak.

But what is especially commendable in 2021 is that the 45-year-old Aida Mohamed will be joining Hungary in her seventh Olympics in Tokyo.

Mohamed will thus be surpassing “the greatest fencer of all time,” Aladár Gerevich, who took part in six Olympics, winning seven gold medals.


When the Olympic committee of the 1960 Rome Olympics told Gerevich he could not compete due to his age, he challenged and defeated every single member in individual sabre matches. At the age of 50, he managed to win gold in team sabre fencing, and almost made it to the finals of individual sabre.

Currently in second place in Hungary, Mohamed won silver in the world championships of 1993. She holds six bronze medals in individual fencing world championships.

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Mohamed showed exceptional heart at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, making a huge comeback against the Americans in the semifinals. While there was no victory, she is determined to give it her all this year.

The fencer told telex that:

The cup is almost half full, one needs to be happy about the decision, and I am indeed happy. My husband cried when he found out that I can be there, and it is also difficult for me to hold back my tears. I will do everything to bring my best to Tokyo.”

Featured photo illustration by Tibor Illyés/MTI

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