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Áder Opens Photo Exhibition ‘Our Melting Future’

Hungary Today 2018.04.23.

President János Áder opened the photographic exhibition “Our melting future”, showing images of the northern and southern ice caps.

Budapest’s Hungarian Natural History Museum is providing space for 50 photographs by Tibor Kércz and Csaba Komáromi taken at the northern and southern Arctic circles, where the effects of climate change are especially measurable.

In his opening speech, Áder noted the danger climate change poses to the planet and warned of mankind’s shared responsibility to protect it.

“I congratulate the photographers for putting effort … into making these pictures and warning us of our shared responsibilities,”

he said. The show is part of the museum’s series of events marking Earth Day. (You can find HT’s exclusive interview with President Áder focusing on climate change here.)



image via Kovács Tamás/ MTI