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Áder: Hungarians Learned How to Represent Their Own Interests

admin 2014.08.21.

History taught Hungarians in the last thousand years that Hungarians have to represent their own interests, and sometimes these interests only prevail if thy are in tandem with interests of other peoples, said Áder János at the state celebrations of the August 20 national holiday. The president at his Kossuth square speech spoke about respect, responsibilities, and the importance of the national holiday.

After the ceremonial flag raising, Áder said “we have learned, that respect for Hungary has to be claimed, but we also learned, that this respect can only be earned by respecting others.” Hungary can only grow stronger by reinforcing the middle classes, following the western examples, and that the nation’s independence is not a gift, but a treasure that has to be fought for.

President János Áder concluded his speech with remarks about the national holiday, saying it is a day of national self-recognition. He added, it is the president’s most important task on this day to express respect towards all citizen of the country as he called for the recognition of Hungary’s achievements.

via HungaryMatters, MTI photo Szilárd Koszticsák