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President János Áder addressed the Friends of Hungary Community in a video message, telling members that we should embrace our new lives and grow from the challenge the pandemic has given us.

The Hungarian president started his speech by quoting Pope Francis’ statement that a person comes out of a crisis changed, either for better or for worse. Áder suggests that it is better to prepare for a changed, better life together after the pandemic, than to want our old lives back.

Áder noted that this was the second year in a row that it was not possible for him to personally meet the members of the Friends of Hungary community. The day-to-day changes of the pandemic have taught us to become adaptable in order to overcome greater problems, he said, adding that many have complained about the virus still being an issue in 2021, having to cancel events, modify plans, postpone travel, and rethink opportunities.


The Friends of Hungary Foundation, publisher of Hungary Today, was established in 2011 with the aim to provide value-based, yet non-partisan, information to the community of Hungary’s friends and the general public on events and successes concerning Hungary and Hungarians living around the world. The Foundation collects and disseminates information about the social, cultural, economic and scientific activities of Hungarians, strengthening the ties between Hungarians living in their homeland and in the Diaspora. Friends of Hungary is working to help to create a more complete and accurate public image of Hungary and the Hungarians. The Foundation thinks of itself as a bridge between academic figures and those involved in public life in Hungary and abroad. There are many Hungarians in the wider world world who find success abroad: they are proud of being Hungarian, and Hungarians are proud of them.

Budapest, the Capital of the World’s Hungarians—the First Day of the VI. Friends of Hungary Conference
Budapest, the Capital of the World’s Hungarians—the First Day of the VI. Friends of Hungary Conference

It’s not enough to be talented, you also have to be Hungarian—said President János Áder, using the world-famous photographer Robert Capa’s phrase, in welcoming the Community of the Friends of Hungary Foundation; the thought behind this, the active patriotism, was felt by more than two-hundred families who had returned home for the conference. Members later […]Continue reading

Áder emphasized that actually, the situation is much more promising than many may think. He reminded us that last year estimates thought that it would take three years to develop a vaccine, the only solutions at the time were quarantine, social distancing, and pandemic restrictions.

While the much earlier than expected introduction of the vaccines came as “a light at the end of the tunnel,” newer virus variants led to an even stronger, even deadlier third wave.

Today, more than a year after the outbreak, we still cannot say that we are at the end of the road: there is still much suffering, many losses and unresolved issues. Lives are still at risk.”

Still, there is a far greater level of protection to those who have been inoculated with what the president describes as “any of the vaccines that were developed with far greater speed than any previous estimates would have expected.”

March 15: President Áder Urges Unity 'Against Common Enemy' Coronavirus
March 15: President Áder Urges Unity 'Against Common Enemy' Coronavirus

“In the face of danger, we become dependent on each other, and our own safety depends on the safety of others,” President János Áder said in a speech marking Hungary’s March 15 national holiday in front of Parliament on Monday. “Are we capable of coming together even stronger than before against a force that threatens […]Continue reading

Hungary’s vaccination rate, alongside promising statistics, indicates that we will soon reach the milestone from where our road only leads to overcoming the pandemic. This is far more promising, Áder said, than the uncertainty that has ruled the past year.

Every time we would find a solution to our problems, new questions would sweep away the answers that were assumed to be reassuring. Slowly, we can once again step ahead, and take the initiative out of the virus’ hands. Because now we have the tools and a strong enough defense to allow us to prepare for the distant future. Because if everything goes well, within a year, we could have our own vaccine.”

Áder said that the Friends of Hungary community can do much to help us be stronger, wiser, more solidarized, careful, and foreseeing. He brought up the work of Hungarian biochemist Katalin Karikó and her colleagues, thanks to which a new technology can now be used in the mass production of life-saving coronavirus vaccines.

President Áder: Let Us Be Grateful for Lives Saved
President Áder: Let Us Be Grateful for Lives Saved

President János Áder, in his New Year’s address, said 2021 should be a year when Hungarians feel grateful for lives saved and “touching moments of helping each other”. The coronavirus pandemic has left its mark on the New Year holiday, Áder said in his speech televised at midnight. All festivities departed from tradition due to […]Continue reading

The president specifically referred to one of Karikó’s interviews where she said that her ability to find solutions to the obstacles faced in her most difficult times depended on herself, her knowledge, and her perseverance.

Áder wishes this same approach for everyone in further developing healthcare, revitalizing and sustaining the economy, supporting science, and strengthening communities.

In this task Hungary is counting on its friend’s active cooperation. Your perseverance, preparation to collaborate, knowledge, and loyalty,”

the Hungarian president concluded by wishing everyone a successful online conference.

Featured photo via the Friends of Hungary Foundation