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Áder Commemorates Martyred 1956 PM Imre Nagy

Hungary Today 2018.06.18.

President János Áder laid flowers of commemoration at the tomb of Imre Nagy, Hungary’s former prime minister and other martyrs of the communist retaliation after the failed anti-Soviet revolt of 1956, at the Rákoskeresztúr cemetery on Saturday.

Nagy, Hungary’s legitimate head of government in 1956, was executed on this day 60 years ago. Pál Maléter, defence minister in 1956, journalist Miklós Gimes, and József Szilágyi, the head of the prime minister’s secretariat, were also executed. Géza Losonczy, minister of state at the time, died in prison in 1957.

Nagy and the other martyrs, buried in unmarked graves after their death, were reburied on June 16, 1989.

Image: Bruzák Noémi/ MTI.


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featured image via Bruzák Noémi/ MTI