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Áder: Climate change threatening future of civilisation

Miklós Halász-Szabó 2018.09.03.

Climate change is the largest threat for mankind, threatening the future of human civilisation, President János Áder told a conference organised by the European Meteorological Society in Budapest on Monday.

In his opening address to the conference, Áder asked participants to put forward their information on climate change with “unrelenting straightforwardness” so that those facts

cannot be bypassed by economic leaders and political decision makers”.

Scientists have an obligation to make people and political communities face the consequences of their actions as well as to continually warn them that

the more we postpone our decisions the more radical changes will be necessary.”

Áder insisted that bush fires in several countries, serious draught in Europe and floods affecting millions in Asia this summer have been a “dramatic reminder of irresponsible management in the past decades”.

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He argued that even though man has been aware of the greenhouse effect in the climate for 200 years, the emission of greenhouse gases is still on the increase.

Climate change is “clearly visible, and we have sufficient data and experience,” the president said, and stressed that “despite repeated expressions of political will, joint action is still to be taken”.

via MTI
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