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August 20 – President Áder: ‘Eternal Hungary’ Must Be Enriched in Times of Trial

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.08.20.

“Difficult months lie ahead of us, but whatever trials await us, we must enrich, build and serve eternal Hungary,” President János Áder said at a swearing-in ceremony of officers marking the August 20 national holiday in front of the parliament building on Thursday.

Áder stressed that this August 20 holiday is different from those before as “we are filled with concern and uncertainty”.

“Just as was our Easter holiday this year, today’s holiday also requires self-discipline amidst restrictions,” he added.

“A holiday such as this, stripped of its usual adornments can make us aware of how eternal Hungary, established by St. Stephen, was built and — in spite of difficulties — continues to be built today, too,” Áder said.

In times like these, he said the work of those who serve the common good becomes more apparent: the perseverance of doctors, nurses and caregivers; the patience of teachers, instructors and educators; the discipline of soldiers, the police and the border patrol.

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He said eternal Hungary is not just the sword and crown, the sceptre and mantle, it is not only that which is revered on holidays, rather history is shaped by the silent service of millions and millions of people.

Áder urged his listeners to defend the values of Hungary, keep its traditions and maintain its vigour.

“Let these four words give your work direction: the homeland before all,” he said in closing.

Featured photo by Zoltán Máthé/MTI