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UPDATE: Acid Attack in Budapest Injures Four

Hungary Today 2018.04.18.

Four people were lightly injured in an acid attack in Kazinczy Street, in central Budapest’s party district, on Tuesday evening, the national ambulance service said.

(note: the photo above is for illustration only, it wasn’t taken at the scene)

A bottle containing an acidic substance was thrown at passersby from a window above the street and the victims, who suffered burns, were taken to a hospital. Police have launched an investigation.

Update: Police suspect ‘acid attack’ in Budapest was accident

The Budapest police (BRFK) have launched an investigation after four people were injured in central Budapest’s party district when a bottle containing some acidic substance fell from the top of a building under construction.

Earlier it was believed that the bottle had been deliberately thrown at passersby on Tuesday evening from a window in Kazinczy Street. The four victims, who had suffered light burns from the liquid, were taken to hospital. The police suspect that the accident was caused by careless behaviour by the construction workers.


via MTI

illustration image via Halász Áron / Átlátszó