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Hungarian National Trading House to Open in Rio de Janeiro

admin 2014.09.16.

Hungarian National Trading house is to open its first office in the Americas with an establishment in Rio de Janeriro, reported business daily Napi Gazdaság. Rio de Janeiro will be open in a few days’ time and one in Mexico will be operating by the end of the year, the chief executive of the company which runs the trading houses, György Kerekes, told the paper.

According to official reports, the Rio trade house will be followed by one in Chile. György Kerekes also said that after targeting developing countries, the company would focus on the United States, Canada, Japan and Korea. The company currently has trade houses in Moscow, Istanbul, Beijing, Dubai, Baku, Amman and Jeddah.

The Hungarian National Trading House Cls. was established in 2013 by the Hungarian Government and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As part of the new foreign trade strategy Opening towards the East, the Hungarian National Trading House seeks new markets and new opportunities for Hungarian companies.

The Hungarian National Trading houses provide the latest and up to date information about Hungarian companies and their products, comparable price lists of Hungarian products with respect to relevant product lines, transaction, shipping and other logistic services.

via HungaryMatters,, photo public domain