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Authorities Shut down Budapest’s Iconic Auróra and Corvin Club

Hungary Today 2018.07.18.

According to the press office of Budapest’s 8th district, Józsefváros, authorities have decided to shut down cultural and community hub, Auróra along with underground music venue, Corvin Club. The decisions have sparked controversy.

Budapest’s most popular venue for underground electronic music, Corvin Club, was officially shut down in reference to public security: just weeks ago seven people were arrested in a raid due to the possession and trade of illegal substances. The club served as a starting point for young artists, and when not hosting parties, held yoga classes and screened movies as well. To date, the club’s operators have yet to comment on the closure.

This marks the second occasion that Aurora has been forced to shut its doors. In June of last year, authorities ordered the closure because of resident complaints and due to a police raid when fifteen people were arrested for marijuana possession. In August, however, the Government Office declared the decision unlawful and approved the club’s reopening. According to the local government office, Auróra lacks a valid contract for the legal use of their premises. The operators have argued that they have all the required licenses.

Besides being an affordable bar hosting many events, Auróra also serves as a meeting spot for a number of organizations critical of the government and NGOs, such as Budapest Pride and Roma Press Center. Many speculate that this could be one of the reasons behind the relentless pursuit to shut them down.

Corvin Club is one of the most popular venues of Budapest. Image via Corvin Club- Facebook.

It’s difficult to run an alternative and underground venue in Budapest lately. ‘Müszi’ club, which operated in the same building as Corvin Club, is now being transformed into offices. Last year R33 Club had to close following a police raid, and many believe that real estate development might have played a role in the club’s demise. In addition, ‘Gólya’ will soon be demolished with office buildings built in its place which critics see is as an example of the gentrification process taking place in the eighth district.

As the managers of both clubs have yet to receive an official notice, the clubs’ doors remain open for now.


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featured image via Auróra- Facebook

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