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Hungarian Users Protest Against Internet Tax

Tamás Székely 2014.10.22.

RT.com reports that Facebook pages are already sprouting up as Hungarian internet users announce plans to protest against the proposal of the internet tax. One event listing for 26th of October has some 7,600 people going, with another thousand or so saying they might attend. Some 80000 users follow a popular protest-page which has been launched only yesterday.

News of the proposal has already triggered a massive response online with users debating the issue. Some claimed the law isn’t as bad as it sounds because internet service providers are urged to foot the bill and because the extra money will be used to upgrade infrastructure. Others, however, argue the cost will be passed onto users, especially those consuming too much data.

Economy minister Mihály Varga announced yesterday that the Hungarian government is planning to start taxing internet use by the amount of data individuals downloaded as part of an effort to increase government revenues. If the proposal passes as part of the 2015 tax bill, Hungarians would be charged 150 HUF (around 0,5 EUR) for each gigabyte of data they start to download. What’s more, there is no propfer information yet on cap limiting, the amount that customers would have to pay out. How this tax will affect businesses that rely on the internet is also unclear.

via rt.com photo: stockarch.com