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Nándor Fa To Take Part In Barcelona World Race

By szilagyi.sandor // 2014.11.24.

Nándor Fa, the Hungarian solo ocean sailor known for sailing around the world three times, has announced that he is preparing to compete in the Barcelona World Race, a non-stop, round-the-world yacht tour for crews of two, with a new partner, New Zealander Conrad Colman. Their yacht, the Spirit of Hungary, is expected to depart from Trieste on Friday. Following the trip to New York in May and June, several smaller repairs had to be made on the sixty-foot yacht, which was put into water on the Adriatic two days ago.

“We had to carry out work which could not be foreseen and, on the other hand, once the yacht was in the workshop, it seemed sensible to change some things. This means that the ship has been improved and it is easier to do certain manoeuvres with it”, Nándor Fa told the state news agency MTI from Trieste, adding that they will take to the seas toward Barcelona on Friday or Saturday after making order on board. The finishes are forecasted for the end of March 2015.

“We have to arrive there by 11 December, this is the deadline after which several events in which participation is reccommended will be held at the location”, Mr. Fa went on to say. He explained that Marcell Goszleth, the Hungarian Olympian who was originally to be his partner on the journey, decided to hand over his place to a mor-e experienced sailor. This was a very noble gesture from him and he continues to support us and work in our team.

Mr. Fa gained fame after sailing around the world, heading by the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn from the south – the route known to be the most difficult – in 1986-87 after building the 31-foot tour yacht named St. Jupát with his friend József Gál between 1980 and 1985.

photo: Martinez (BWR)