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Two Top Hungarian Kayakers Suspended From National Team After Positive Drugs Tests

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.05.02.

A male and a female kayaker have had their membership in the Hungarian national team suspended after a drug test conducted at a training camp in Dunavarsány, south of Budapest, revealed that the two had been taking cocaine. The case does not classify as a doping violation because drug usage was detected at a routine check and not before a competition event.

The two individuals involved are reported to be five-times World Champion female kayaker Tamara Csipes, who was named sportswoman of the year in 2011, and male kayaker Bence Dombvári, who has won silver and bronze medals at World Championships.

According to the tabloid newspaper Blikk, a disciplinary procedure has been launched against the two which has seen them suspended from the national team and their association, Honvéd, has already been informed. The club, however, remains confident that the kayakers will be allowed to take part at World Championship qualifiers next month.

The case does not qualify as a doping incident and will consequently not be forwarded to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), according to Ágnes Tiszeker, head of the Hungarian anti-doping  watchdog; however, they have been disqualified from running at the European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, she added.

The Hungarian federation said that the two kayakers had been suspended for “unworthy conduct” and refused further comment.

photo: AFP/Ferenc Isza