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Seventy-three civil organisations have called on the government in a joint statement to ensure protection for Hungary’s Balaton, Velencei and Fertő lakes, as well as the Old Lake in Tata.

The petition is aimed at preventing further construction, whether state-financed or private, in natural heritage areas, according to a statement the signatories sent to MTI on Wednesday, arguing that the sites in question were important natural assets and endangered habitats of protected species.

Election Cttee Rejects Socialist Referendum Bid on Protecting Lakes
Election Cttee Rejects Socialist Referendum Bid on Protecting Lakes

The National Election Committee (NVB) on Monday rejected a submission by the opposition Socialist Party (MSZP) on holding a referendum concerning the protection of Hungary’s natural lakes. The Socialists had intended to ask citizens whether public beaches on natural lakes should be accessible free of charge and whether parliament should ban the sale of public […]Continue reading

The signatories, including Greenpeace and WWF Hungary, as well as the Hungarian Ornithology and Environment Protection Association, warned that planned development projects were in contravention with the state’s constitutional obligation to protect those assets.

In the featured photo illustration: the Old Lake in Tata. Photo by Csaba Jászai/MTVA