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700 million Raised in Less Than a Week for Hungarian Toddler’s Medicine

Fanni Kaszás 2019.09.25.

The full amount of money, 700 million HUF, has been raised in less than a week for the expensive treatment of Zente, the Hungarian boy who suffers from SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). His parents reported the good news this morning on their official Facebook page and asked the donors not to transfer more funds, as they can only use the money for Zente’s treatment.  

As we have previously reported, only the most expensive medicine in the world could save a Hungarian toddler suffering from the rare disease, SMA-1. Zente’s parents began fundraising for the boy’s 700 million HUF treatment. With the help of donors from all over the country and abroad, the entire amount needed for the medicine was raised in less than a week, so Zente can start his treatment. This is also good news as Zente’s parents’ fundraising was also competing with time, as children are only allowed to receive the drug before reaching the age of two.

Fundraising for Toddler’s Expensive Treatment Moves Hungary

The family is now asking everyone to support other children and adults with similar illnesses, of whom they will soon start sharing pictures and information on their Facebook page. They say that in the future, only those who would like to help Zente with further rehabilitation and aids should transfer money to the account set up for the boy’s treatment, as the foundation is not a non-profit one, and the money received can only be used for Zente’s treatment  and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

featured photo: Zente’s Facebook Page