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From 6353 To 41 in Two Days: Illegal Immigration To Hungary Almost Eliminated As Border Fence Is Completed

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.10.19.

The number of migrants caught by police entering Hungary dropped from 6353 on Friday to the tiny figure of 41 on Sunday as a result of the completion of the anti-immigration border barrier along the country’s border with Croatia. All 41 individuals were captured on the country’s border with Serbia, where a border fence had already been constructed beforehand.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday morning, György Bakondi, chief advisor to the Prime Minister, said that no proceedings were launched on the border section between Hungary and Slovenia, which has seen controls reimposed temporarily to prevent migrants from flooding over. A total of 390 645 migrants have arrived to Hungary so far this year and 520 people are currently held in refugee camps.

Hungary sealed off its border with Croatia at midnight on Friday; soon afterwards, controls were reimposed on the Schengen border between Hungary and its south-western border Slovenia. On Saturday, only 870 refugees arrived to the country; in previous days, this figure was always above 4000 and occasionally exceeded 9000. Following the closure of the Serbian border, migrants headed towards Croatia before crossing the Hungarian border in the thousands every day.

Since the closure of Hungary’s border with Croatia, Croatian authorities have been transporting migrants towards Slovenia. Over the past night, the Slovenes erected border barriers after receiving information from Austria that the country will not take in more migrants in the future. The country has since denied this and stated that it will continue receiving 1500 migrants per day.

via index.hu
photo: index.hu