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5th Hungarian Film Festival Held in San Francisco

Fanni Kaszás 2018.11.07.

The 5th Hungarian Film Festival took place between 2-3 November in Coppola Theater at San Francisco State University.

During the two days of the festival, seven Hungarian films from recent years were screened: Aurora Borealis, Eternal Winter, Oscar-winning short film Sing, Kincsem, Liza the Fox-Fairy, the Whisky Robber and documentary film Angel Business. Q&A panels with directors Attila Szász, Kristóf Deák and Zsuzsanna Gellér – Varga were also available.

Q&A with Oscar-winning director Kristóf Deák and Steven Kovács wirter-director

The event began with a three-month-long film course at San Francisco State University led by writer-director Steven Kovács with the help of documentary filmmaker Réka Pigniczky and producer éva Karafiáth-Homor. The three American-Hungarians founded Central European California Cultural Institute (CECI) to promote Hungarian and Central European film, theater and music events in California (primarily the San Francisco Bay Area).

IV. Hungarian Film Festival of San Francisco from Réka Pigniczky on Vimeo.

The festival is unique in the United States as it brings American-Hungarians and young filmmakers together in their shared appreciation for Hungarian movies. Organizers make a point of encouraging local, American students to participate as they can receive college credit from San Francisco State University. As a result, the Hungarian films gain an audience who otherwise wouldn’t have watched them.

The film showcase is traditionally sponsored by the Central European California Cultural Institute and the School of Cinema of San Francisco State University. This year the festival received additional support from The Hungarian Initiative Foundation and the Hungarian National Film Institute.

via sfhungarianfilmfest.com, korosiprogram.hu