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500 000 More Visitors To Museums Managed By Ministry Last Year

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.02.10.

Museums around the country managed by the Ministry of Human Resources had a total of almost 2.2 million visitors in 2014 – 500 000 more than in the previous year -, with Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts being the most popular.
According to figures from the Ministry’s regular beginning-of-the-year data collection, the number of visitors in 2014 exceeded numbers for the previous year by almost twenty-five per cent. The Museum of Fine Arts attracted the highest number of visitors – its exhibitions, among them “The World of Toulouse-Lautrec”, “From Caravaggio to Canaletto” and “Rembrand and the Dutch Golden Century” saw a total of around 540 000 spectators.
The Hungarian National Gallery, which is a subdivision of the Museum of Fine Arts and hosted extraordinary exhibitions such as “Dada and Surrealism” in 2014, was the second most popular museum with 260 000 visitors in 2014.
Ten further museums are operated by the Ministry of Human Resources, including the Hungarian National Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts and the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum in Szentendre. Together with their member institutions in the countryside, these constitute a nationwide network of museums.