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Spicy Weekend: Kalocsa Hosts Paprika Festival

admin 2014.09.19.

The 25th Paprika festival of Kalocsa opens today. The hosts would like to promote the traditional Hungarian kitchen and Folk culture at the same time. The director Ferenc Török says, that Kalocsa enjoys a special status in Hungarian culture because two different, so-called ‘Hungaricum’ are originated from the town: paprika and folk art.

Paprika is one of the main ingredients of Hungarian dishes, and the Paprika of Kalocsa is regarded as one of the best. Since 2012 not only the National but also the EU law protects its unique value. The festival, which expect more than ten thousand visitors this weekend, offers entertainment and gastronomic pleasures for all family members. The programs will going on at eight different places all over the town.

The visitors can find various events including Children Island, Folk Dance program and Paprika-Queen election. The main attractions must be the different cooking competitions which offer opportunity to dozens of teams to present and proof real Paprika-skills. The best dishes will be rewarded by the jury of the National Gastronomy Alliance.

source: mno.hu photo: gyogyvizek.hu