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Hungarian Government to Support Solar Panel Factory

admin 2014.09.19.

A new factory will be established in Győr-Moson-Sopron county, in the town of Csorna. The Ecosolifer-factory will produce solar panels and targets mostly the markets of the Far East. The production will be based on materials which are available on the internal Hungarian market, therefore supplying the factory is possible without major import activity. The solar panels will be produced by high-end Japanese technology.

The total value of the investment reaches 15 billion HUF and the Hungarian government also finances the project with 1 billion HUF. Péter Szijjártó, who is expected to become soon the new minister of external economy and foreign affair, emphasized that the factory-building in Csorna is corresponding perfectly with the economic policy and philosophy of the Hungarian government.

In the shadow of the well-known Paks upgrade project, the issue of the alternative energy has been rather relegated to the background. However, Hungary must meet the EU standards, which means that by 2020 almost 15% of the energy used in the country shall come from alternative sources. The Ecosolifer-project could be a major step on this long way and it also boost the local economy.

via mno.hu photo: pannonplan.hu