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130 Years Of Opera In Budapest

admin 2014.10.07. has reported about the The Hungarian State Opera House, which celebrates its 130th anniversary this year. The first performance was held on 27 September 1884 in the presence of the Austrian Emperor and Hungarian King, Franz Joseph. The Opera located at the famous Andrássy Avenue commemorated the anniversary with crowds in period costumes, a gala concert and a film premiere, as well as the publication of a historical book.

It was Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl, one of Europe’s leading architects at the time, who designed the Opera House in a bid to rival with Vienna’s Staatsoper. The building of the Budapest Opera House had introduced some technical innovations of its age, including the first a fire safety curtain and the world’s first modern hydraulic stage machinery. The construction was financed by the Emperor himself; it was a costly venture famous for its 24 carat gold embellishments and technical innovation.

Its rich decor includes paintings and sculptures by leading Hungarian artists like Bertalan Székely and Károly Lotz. The majestic 3,000 kilo bronze chandelier, also designed by Miklós Ybl, had to be made in Germany as there was no factory in Hungary that could accomodate such a piece. As it was powered by gas, it was impossible to switch it off completely, so it became famous for the twilight it emitted during performances.

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