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Orbán: Hungary’s resistivity shall be increased

By admin // 2014.09.23.

Prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán attended the opening ceremony of the new facilities of the Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd in the town of Szolnok. In his speech Orbán has compared Dr. József Béres’ work to the challenges the government had to face. The weak country needed to be strengthen, Hungary’s resistivity shall be increased, Orbán says.

The prime minister sees the solution in labour. According to his calculation in 2010 in Hungary 10 million people lived, 3,6 million worked and only 1,8 million had to pay taxes. “This is the way of quick collapse”, warned Orbán. In 2014 nearly 4,1 million people work and all of them have to pay taxes: “It means, that today more people pushing the coach than just sitting on it.”

The estimated costs of the new factory facilities reach 500 million HUF and it creates a dozen of new jobs. József Béres, leader of the company has told, that the investment was necessary to maintain the position of the company on the market. The increasing demands of the internal and external markets require higher output as well. With the establishing of the new factory the production can be twice as much as before.


photo: Szilárd Koszticsák (MTI)