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Hungary To Establish New Public Utility Holding

admin 2014.09.29.

János Lázár, minister of Prime Minister’s Office has announced the plans of Hungary’s new state-run non-profit public utility holding which will be set up by March next year at the latest. The new company, based on Budapest’s gas provider FŐGÁZ, which is now state-owned, will start its operations by distributing power, gas, and district heating, while later on it will also take care of the water supply, sewage, and garbage collection.

Lázár told reporters that the company will offer high-level services at competitive prices and win households over from competing electricity, gas or district heating providers, he said, adding that the government would not apply administrative means to force competitors out of the market. The establishment of the holding company is being coordinated by state secretary Zsuzsanna Németh,

Based on European Union rules, the upkeep of the network and supply to consumers will be separate from one another and thus there will not be any technical obstacles to the provision of services, Lázár said.

via hungarymatters.hu

photo: Zsolt Reviczky (Népszabadság)