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Isuzu Eyes Breakthrough In Hungary

Tamás Székely 2014.10.20. reported, that Wallis Automotive Europe (WAE), the exclusive distributor of Isuzu pickup trucks in Hungary, had set a three-years target to make Isuzu one of the top two brands in the country’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) market. Managing director Andrew Prest told that the pickup truck market halved during the 2008 financial turbulence, but we are currently witnessing a strong recovery of the sector, growing 46 percent year on year during the first three quarters of 2014.

Mr. Prest also said Hungary was one of the last European markets in which the Japanese auto-maker had launched its pickups, in late 2010. Most of Isuzu’s pickups on sale in Hungary are manufactured at the company’s facilities in Thailand. Isuzu Motors shifted the manufacturing centre for its D-Max pickups from Japan to the Thailand in 2002. “Motor vehicle production plays an ever-increasing role in Hungary as well with many major auto-makers, like Audi, Suzuki, Mercedes and General Motors, all having manufacturing facilities here,” said the managing director.

Andrew Prest stressed that Hungary also has a strong agricultural sector, led by local meat products and wines that are exported all over the world. The Hungarian capital, meanwhile, is the sixth most visited destinations in Europe. After several years of decline and austerity, the country could be one of the fastest-growing European economies this year, he said, adding that it had benefited from European Union membership via the provision of strong financial support for the development of many business sectors, such as hotels and manufacturing.

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