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27th “Tusványos” Summer School In Transylvania: European Crisis To Be High On Agenda

Tamás Székely 2016.07.05.

The 27th annual Bálványos Summer School, also known as “Tusványos”, will be held on July 19- 24 in the Transylvanian resort town of Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tușnad in central Romania), and will focus on Hungary’s place in Europe as well as the challenges facing the continent. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is scheduled to address the event.

Zsolt Németh (photo:

The group leaders of Hungary’s parliamentary parties along with the leaders of Hungarian parties in neighbouring countries have also been invited to attend political discussions at the summer university this year, Zsolt Németh (picture above), the head of the Hungarian parliament’s foreign affairs committee, told a press conference.

Németh said that Hungary’s future was “inseparable” from that of Europe, adding, however, that Europe needed to change. This is one of the reasons for Hungary’s upcoming referendum on the European Union’s planned migrant quota scheme, he said, but stressed that the vote is not about Hungary’s EU membership. He said the crisis Europe appears to be going through has blurred the line between domestic and foreign policy.

Tusványos summer university in Transylvania (photo:

Zsolt Németh listed migration, the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine and Brexit as elements of Europe’s crisis. He said the European Commission had not found the right way to manage the crisis and has attempted to handle the situation “by blackmail and aggressive behaviour” towards member states. Hungarians see this as the wrong approach, Németh said.

via and MTI