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Over 25 000 Runners Expected At 30th Telekom Vivicittá Run In Budapest This Weekend

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.04.14.

Budapest today is inconceivable without Vivicittá, which is part of the city’s life just like the Sziget Festival or fireworks on August 20, it was claimed at a press conference held before the thirtieth Telekom Vivicittá run on 18-19 April.

Árpád Kocsis, leader o the Budapest Sports Office (BSI), explained that over 25 000 runners will take part at his year’s run, traditonally held on Margaret Island, adding that nominations for Sunday’s half-maraton have been closed after the limit of 8500 participants was reached. Runners will be arriving to the capital from a record 970 settlements and over 2000 foreigners have signalled their participation at the event.

Vivicittá – For the city, love the city! In Italy in 1984, it had thought that with this saying they was going to attract a big crowd to their beautiful but crowded cities which was about hard to live inso the villagers were to run. Therefore, they though that the runners will be amazed by their town, discovering the hidden gems and value of the city. Since 1986, the Vivicittá Városvédő Futás is being organized in Hungary, sponsored mainly by Matáv since 1997 and later on Magyar Telekom.

During its thirty years, over 200 000 Hungarian citizens have participated in the run at least once.

via futanet.hu and dailynewshungary.hu
photo: futas.wordpress.com