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PM Orbán: US Weighs Pressure On Hungary

Tamás Székely 2014.11.07.

Washington weighs great pressure on Hungary due to its objections to the South Stream pipeline and the upgrade of the nuclear power plant in Paks, Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán told at the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Munich. While the Hungarian government considers both projects primarily economic issues, Washington tends to see rather geopolitical, military and security issues due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Orbán said. “We are not pursuing a Russia-friendly policy but a Hungary-friendly policy”, he insisted.

Viktor Orbán visited Munich on Wednesday to hold talks with Bavaria’s PM Horst Seehofer.  At a joint press conference, Viktor Orbán assured his Bavarian counterpart that Hungary shares Germany’s standpoint on European issues, be it budgetary discipline, euro stabilisation or disciplined stewardship of the finances. On foreign policy, he said: “It has become obvious to be that Hungary is doing the right thing if it takes Germany as its guide, including when it comes to the Ukraine-Russia crisis and sanctions against Russia.” Orbán described Hungarian-Bavarian relations as very close and Bavaria “a place where Hungarians are understood”.

Horst Seehofer said that Bavaria and Hungary not only engage in close economic cooperation but they are also “in full agreement”on “basic European values”, including democracy, the right of self-determination and minority rights. The two sides share the belief that the EU should focus more of its attention on “the bigger issues of the world” rather than dealing with minor ones, he added.

via MTI and hungarymatters.hu photo: Marc Müller – MTI/DPA