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29th Spar Budapest Marathon On Saturday

admin 2014.10.09.

The 29th Spar Budapest Marathon will take place next Saturday, on 11th of October, 2014.  The 42 km long scenic course leads through the most beautiful parts of Budapest, past buildings which are part of the World Heritage. Expectedly 22 000 people will participate in the event, including 5 000 runners only on the marathon distance. Almost half of the participants coming from abroad, from 68 different countries.

In the first week of September the organisers had to make a very hard decision about the date of the Budapest Marathon. Although they received the necessary licences to organise the race on 12 October 2014 more than a year ago, and the registration was opened already in December 2013, the date of the marathon had to be changed, since the President of Hungary announced the date of the municipal elections on 23 July this year, which happened to be on the same day as the race, 12th of October.

The start of the marathon has been postponed to a later time so that runners arriving in Budapest on Saturday morning would be able to run. The timing of the event has been modified as indicated below:

29th SPAR Budapest Marathon® 11:00
Flora Marathon Relay 11:00
Coca-Cola Body Awakening 30 km 11:45-12:22
Riska Minimarathon 11:15
Danone Fun Run 12:00

Start Number pick up on Friday (10 Oct.): 15:00-21:00

Pasta Party on Friday (10 Oct): 15:00 – 20:00
Start Number pick up on Saturday (11 Oct): 8:00-10:30

Metropol Morning Run: 9:00 on 12 October (Sunday)

source and photo: budapestmarathon.com

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