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Slovak School Renovated in Békéscsaba

admin 2014.09.22.

The buildings of the Slovak School and Kindergarten in Békéscsaba have been renovated. More than 300 pupils attend the school in the town located in East-Hungary. The total costs of the reconstruction works reached 400 million HUF. Besides Békéscsba, there are four other Slovak schools in Hungary, all of them supervised by the Self-Government of the Slovak Community.

Miklós Soltész, state secretary of Ministry of Human Resources, attended the opening ceremony and on the behalf of the Hungarian government expressed gratitude to those citizens who preserved the Slovak culture in Hungary. He reminded of the principles of state-founder King St. Stephen who recognized the value of the colorful state. Many have forgotten his ancient instructions and the ethnic tension of the last two centuries have hurt a lot both nations.

Miklós Soltész emphasized, that Slovaks and Hungarians do share common history of culture and religion and the shared cultural heritage shall be the basis for cooperation in the 21st century. From the side of the Slovak government, Juraj Draxler state secretary of education attended the ceremony and confirmed the commitment of the Slovak government to support the compatriots living beyond the borders of Slovakia.

source: photo: Tibor Rosta (MTI)