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21st-Century Parties Must Unite to Dismantle Fidesz

Gábor Sarnyai 2018.08.24.

The co-leader of the green party, László Lóránt Keresztes said it should be made clear where “the real political divisions” in Hungarian public life lie, insisting that they were not ideological in nature.

“Fidesz, for example, wants to present itself as a right-wing conservative party, when it’s actually a socialist party that functions according to Bolshevik principles,” he insisted. Meanwhile, the parties considered left wing, like the Socialist Party or the Democratic Coalition, represent economically liberal principles, he said, adding that “they, too, have blended themselves into the System of National Cooperation established by Fidesz, and Fidesz is doing everything it can to make sure they survive”.

Opposing these parties are the “21st-century parties” like Jobbik, LMP and the Momentum Movement, which want to “outlive the System of National Cooperation (NER)”, Keresztes said. He said these were the parties that needed to work together, adding that next year’s local elections would be a “huge opportunity” for them to do so, since ideological differences can be put aside when it comes to local affairs.

What’s Become of the Hungarian Opposition Parties Since Fidesz’s April Victory?

He said it was possible that the elections would yield “masses” of Jobbik-LMP mayoral or local council candidates, adding that Momentum could also be added to such a partnership. Asked about the April general election, Keresztes said the main reason behind the opposition’s defeat was that it had failed to show any sign of strength or present a valid alternative to Fidesz.

Bernadett Szél Has Officially Resigned from her Leadership Positions in LMP

“Too many people voted for Fidesz simply because they saw no other alternative,” he said. He also said he believed the opposition should have taken a clearer stance on the migration issue, seeing how important it was for voters. Asked about the recent resignation of Bernadett Szél as LMP’s group and co-leader, Keresztes said he accepted her decision and her replacement will be chosen in due course. He said he will accept the position of parliamentary group leader if he is elected to it.

Via MTI and Hungary Matters

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