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2019 ‘Breakthrough’ in Hungary-US Relations, says Fidesz MP Németh

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.12.09.

A breakthrough in Hungary-US relations took place this year, Zsolt Németh, the (Fidesz) chairman of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said on Saturday.

“Political dialogue is again worthy of our historical, cultural and allied relations,” he told MTI by phone.

Former US Ambassador: Orbán’s US Visit to End ‘Diplomatic Isolation’

The delegation he headed met leading congressional representatives, government figures, a State Department secretary of state for the region, as well as representatives of Jewish organisations, the Israeli ambassador and Hungarian organisations.

Németh said the Israeli ambassador and Jewish organisations had expressed great appreciation for Hungary’s commitment to combat all efforts in the UN and European Union that threatened Israel’s security.

European Jewish Association Head Thanks Orbán for Supporting Israel, Jews

He also said Hungary supports the global application of the Magnitsky law initiated by the US.

Németh noted that Kossuth House, also known as the “opposition Hungarian embassy” until the change of political system in 1989-1990, has been purchased by the state, and it has been handed over to American organisations so they can carry out lobbying activities to promote the interests of the global Hungarian community, he said.

Németh addresses Hungarian American Coalition gala event in Washington

Addressing a gala event organised by the Hungarian American Coalition (HAC) in Washington, DC, Zsolt Németh (Fidesz), the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, underlined the importance of cross-border national unity.

In his speech delivered on Friday evening, Németh lauded Hungary’s 1989-1990 regime change, emphasising the United States’ role in the country’s transition to democracy. He said the US and NATO again had key roles to play in preserving security and stability in central Europe.

In the photo illustration: Zsolt Németh of Fidesz. Photo via Zsolt Németh’s Facebook page

The event held at the Hungarian embassy was attended by former US Ambassador to Hungary April Foley, Edith Lauer, a founding member of the HAC, eye physician and surgeon Dr. Péter Forgách, István Fedor, founder of the American Hungarian Heritage House in Washington, Zsolt Szekeres, head of the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation, (all of whom are members of the community of the Friends of Hungary Foundation, publisher of Hungary Today), former diplomat to Budapest Thomas Robertson, and Susan Hutchison, Executive Director of the Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences, among others.

Speaking to MTI after the gala dinner, Németh said Hungary’s change of regime had been a fulfillment of the hopes of the generation of Hungarians who had emigrated to the US after Hungary’s failed anti-Soviet uprising of 1956. He said 1989 represented the ideas of national unity and national identity to the younger generations.

Németh is on an eight-day trip to the US visiting Cleveland, Ohio and Houston, Texas.

In the featured photo illustration: US President Donald Trump and Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán meeting in Washington earlier this year. Photo by Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

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