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2017 Will Be The Memorial Year Of The Great Hungarian Kinght-King Ladislaus The Saint

By Robert Velkey // 2016.08.18.

Ladislaus I of Hungary was a chivalrous king in Hungary in the 11th century. If Hungary owed the establishment of its monarchy and the organization of its church to St Stephen I, it was almost equally indebted to another sainted king of the same house of Árpad. For Ladislaus extended its borders, kept its enemies at bay, and made it politically a great state. But it is not for such activities that men are canonized (if, indeed, Ladislaus ever was formally canonized, which appears to be doubtful); and it is for his private life and work for Christianity that reverence is due to his memory.


From the moment of his death he was honoured as a saint and a national hero, and his deeds have formed the theme of many popular Magyar ballads and tales. His relics were solemnly enshrined in 1192. The body of St Ladislaus was taken for burial to Nagy Varad (Oradea Mare in Transylvania) — to the city and the cathedral which he had founded.


The Saint Ladislaus (László) memorial year will start on January 1 next year, the state secretary for nation policy said. The memorial year will mark the 940th anniversary of Saint Ladislaus becoming the knight-king of Hungary and the 825th anniversary of his canonisation, János Árpád Potápi said.

Ladislaus was the first ruler from the House of Árpád who linked central European peoples, so Hungary expects that Croatian, Polish, Romanian and Slovak civil organisations, churches and politicians will also get involved in the planned series of events, he added.