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2015 Declared Memorial Year Of Hungarians Deported To The Soviet Union

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.01.21.

The Hungarian government has declared 2015 the memorial year of political prisoners and forced labourers deported to the Soviet Union to commemorate the beginning of internment to the Soviet Union for forced labour seventy years ago, in 1944-45, a resolution published in the country’s official journal Magyar Közlöny reads.

A memorial committee is to be established until 25 February 2016 to make propositions to the government on organising commemorations, events and awareness-raising programmes connected to the anniversary. Memorial sites are also planned to be built and documentaries, educational and feature films will be produced to raise awareness of the anniversary.

The committee is to be chaired by Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog and will include the delegates of the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Justice, the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Defence as permanent members. Other participants in the committee will be two State Secretaries at the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as representatives of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and several foundations. The government is also to call upon the directors of the Twentieth Century Institute and the Veritas History Research Institute, as well as the chairman of the Commission on National Remembrance, to take part in the work of the committee as permanent members.