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Vote For 2014’s Best Hungarian Creative Projects!

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.01.21.

A pick of 2014’s smartest, most unique and most entertaining Hungarian creative projects is now available on the Internet for the public to choose the best.

Following its success in 2014, Highlights of Hungary has again decided to hold a vote on the previous year’s best Hungarian creative projects. The list of 44 candidates was composed by a panel of ten curators, among them journalists, designers, magazine publishers, exhibition organisers and a manager of creative projects. It includes projects as diverse as animation films, community movies, an eco-ship and a gif theatre. Voting is open on the event’s website (in Hungarian only) until 31 January and the official awards ceremony will be held on 5 February in Toldi Klub.

The tender, launched and managed by Super Channel, a value management firm active in the creative profession, aims to establish a platform to give a broad picture of the successes of the Hungarian creative industry. The initiative’s organisers seek to raise awareness of the creative profession and its successes, and to establish a major social following around the projects.

Although the field is clearly highly colourful, not least because of curators’ varying areas of expertise, certain trends concerning nominations can be observed. Several experts nominated projects carrying a social initiative, reflecting on the situation of the homeless, female education or the position of autistic youth.

Besides urban topics such as the image of Budapest, enterprises popularising straight-from-the-farm foods, winemaking traditions and rural lifestyles were also popular. These grassroots projects, ranging from film through fashion to gastronomy, have reached success not only domestically but also abroad.

cover photo:án Huszti (Budapest Music Centre)