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2014 Prima Primissima Awards Handed Out


Noted representatives of Hungarian intellectual, artistic, scientific and sport life were present for the twelfth time at a gala night, held this year in Budapest’s Palace of Arts, on Friday evening to receive the Prima Primissima Awards.

This year’s awards were granted to poet and writer István Turczi in the category “Hungarian iterature”, folk music researcher Bálint Sárosi in the category “Hungarian folk art and public education” and songwriter and musician Dusán Sztevanovity in the category “Hungarian musical arts”. Painter and sculptor Tamás Konok received the prize for Hungarian fine arts, while the Budapest Zoological and Botanical Garden was awarded for its achievements in Hungarian public education and chess player Judit Polgár was granted the prize for her performace in Hungarian sport. Architect Sándor Pálfy came first in the category “Hungarian architecture”, while the award for Hungarian science went to physician Albert László Barabási; the documentary series “On The Spot” by Eszter Cseke and András S. Takács won in the category “Hungarian journalism” and actress Mari Csomós was recognised for her achievements in Hungarian theatre and film art. The prize of the audience was awarded to the folk ensemble Jászsági Népi Együttes.

As television presenters Gábor Gundel Takács and Éva Novodomszky, the hosts of the event, explained, the reward given to the winner of the prize selected by the audience continues to be covered by businessman Sándor Demján, founder of the Prima Primissima Award. However, Sándor Csányi, director and chief executive of Hungary’s largest lender OTP Bank has taken over as the chairman of the Board of Trustees from last year.

Mr. Csányi, who was unable to personally participate at this year’s even due to illness, was substituted in giving a congratulary speech by Father Imre Kozma, head of the Hungarian Malthese Charity Service, in which he emphasised that he came from and arrived to a “grand celebration”. Father Kozma explained that he had the privilege of representing Hungary in Barcelona at a venue commemorating the events of 25 years ago as the founder of the Hungarian Malthese Charity Service, establoshed in February 1989. He had the opportunity to recall the decisions made by twenty-five years ago the then-leaders of the Hungarian nation, which were “brave, forward thinking and meant life”, adding that Hungarians devotedly supported refugees from the former GDR in 1989. “The decision of our leaders and the love of Hungary lead to the fall of the Berlin Wall”, he pointed out.

In connection with the awards ceremony, Father Kozma highlighted that “this evening is a great opportunity because the stars are gathering and beaming light to the delight of us all” and this could successfully defeat the darkness brought on by pessimism, hatred and injustice.

The value of the Prima and Prima Primissima award is HUF 5 and 15 million respectively; the winner of the award of the audience also receives HUF 15 million.

photo: Journalits Eszter Cseke and András S. Takács receive the Prima Primissima award in recognition for their world-famous documentary series “On The Spot” (MTI/Tamás Kovács)