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20,000 Pebbles Commemorate Hungary’s Covid Victims on Margaret Island

Márton Jász 2021.04.07.

In memory of the Hungarian victims of the coronavirus epidemic, stones marked with numbers and ages from the government page that registers victims, are lined up on Margaret Island.

Health expert Gabriella Lantos’ party, the newly-founded conservative New World People’s Party, placed more than twenty thousand pebbles on Margaret Island, commemorating the victims of the coronavirus in Hungary.

The amount of pebbles indicates the conditions as of March 31st, but they are prepared to update it, said Vice President Júlia Ábrahám.

Shocking Animation Visualizes and Commemorates Covid Victims in Hungary
Shocking Animation Visualizes and Commemorates Covid Victims in Hungary

A data visualization made by Tamás Olajos portrays the 20,737 people who unfortunately lost their lives to the coronavirus in Hungary. The animation truly captures the significance of the tragedy.  Olajos already made a version back in November, entitled “Coronavirus Deaths in Hungary” which indicated the deaths from March 2020 until November 2020. In light […]Continue reading

Other forms of commemoration emerged in Hungary and elsewhere as well. Digital artist Tamás Olajos created an animation that illustrates all the victims in Hungary who have sadly lost their lives in the past year, with one falling red ball representing each victim. In the Czech Republic, people painted white crosses on the main square of Prague, while in London, relatives and friends of victims painted red hearts on a wall on the bank of the River Thames opposite the British Parliament.

Featured photo via New World People’s Party’s Faceook page