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Over 200 Vehicles To Assemble At 26th International Truck Country Festival In Szeged

By Robert Velkey // 2016.07.14.

From July 15th to 17th, visitors to southern Hungary will have an opportunity to take part in a truly unique event, the 26th annual International Truck Country Festival, which will be held this weekend in the city of Szeged and nearby Sziksósfürdő. According to festival organizer Attila Ágoston, motor vehicle enthusiasts will be arriving with their trucks from all over Europe, including the Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Serbia.

Szeged, kamionos felvonulás a belvárosban Fotó: Frank Yvette

There will be over 200 vehicles at this year’s event, which will also feature a collection of 30-35 year old American trucks as well as numerous army vehicles that have seen actual military service. This year’s festivities will begin on Friday at a transportation monument just outside of Szeged, where truck drivers will gather before driving through the city’s downtown all the way to Sziksósfürdő, where the rest of the festival’s activities will take place. The festival continues with many activities on Saturday, including a rough terrain rally race, as well as a truck ‘beauty-contest,’ whose winner will receive a cash prize. According to Mr. Ágoston, the festival’s closing event will be held on Sunday, when trucks will compete in a drag-race in the city of Szeged.