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21-Year-Old Hungarian Voted World’s Best Female Bass Guitarist At US Competition

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.08.27.

21-year-old Hungarian musician Éva Muck has been voted the world’s best female bass guitarist at a competition held in the United States.


The “Queens of Strings” event, which took place for the first tame between 22 January and 1 April, began with contestants submitting a video of them playing the bass guitar, together with a brief CV and a recent picture showing the instrument they play on. Applicants’ performances were then evaluated by female bass guitarist idols Nik West and Jennifer Batten. She was credited by the jury for her speedy groove, fingerstyle and slapping, with Nik West saying she’d “feel good recommending her as a sub for her as a sideman”. 

“The judges all agreed that Eva’s bass playing was solid & versatile. Eva showed her ability to slap as well as lay down a fingertone groove. Her personality shined through her video and she had good feel”, the competition’s official website reads. The young musician’s parents are also well-known figures on the Hungarian music scene; her mother Éva Király is a singer and her father is saxophonist Ferenc Muck. Éva and her two twin sisters were brought up to love music and allowed her talent to blossom when it became apparent that she too is a gifted musician.

photo: András Szabó/