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Summer Time Is Ice Cream Time – Moritz Eis Waits To Keep You Cool In The Hot Days Ahead

Robert Velkey 2017.06.08.

If you would like to be over the moon, or just watch the world go by, especially in these hot and sweaty summer evenings, then Moritz Eis could be the best solution for you. These little elegant ice cream shops are open to everyone looking  for relief, refreshment or just a little rest during the day.

In Moritz Eis time stops – only your wishes are in our centre of attention”, writes the ice cream shop about itself. According the company’s page, Moritz Eis is “an innovative, all-natural premium sorbet and ice cream concept born in the Serbia but meanwhile in Romania, Hungary, Montenegro and Chile too. We try to follow the principles of the Slow Food movement and try to respect the environment and local traditions as much as we can.”


Their ice creams are made of top- quality ingredients like Belgian chocolate and Turkish pistachio. The company also seeks out local farmers who bring them their freshest fruits for the sorbets. Every ice cream is gluten- free and the sorbets are vegan, meaning that they are lactose- free as well…and you know, there’s a great difference between ice cream made from real fruits, chocolate, and nuts, and those made with additives and aromas.


The story of Moritz Eis starts with Moritz Fried who spent a summer in Serbia and fell in love immediately with its flourishing organic agriculture, so much so that it inspired him to establish his own organic wonderland with ice creams. After trying several new flavours and experimenting with the widest variety of fruits, the „gastro-inventor” created the simplest but finest ice creams without any extra additives. They opened their first shop in Belgrade in 2012; however, soon other new ones attracted guests in Montenegro, Romania, Chile and from 2016, also in Budapest.

In the Hungarian capital you can find the high quality ice creams of Moritz Eis in 3 locations:

    • Dorottya utca 6.
    • Savoya Terace in the Castle
    • next to the Opera House – at Hajós utca 7

Besides the shops, the company caters parties, weddings and conferences with their trendy tricycle to give you the finest experience. In addition, they have an online service system, so ice creams arrive to you whenever you would like them.

If you are in Budapest don’t hesitate to visit one of the shops of Moritz Eis and start your journey on the island of flavours and ice creams.

The summer is hot enough to enjoy Budapest’s organic ice-cream flavours.


photos: facebook.com/MoritzEis; moritzeis.com

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