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PM Expects Budget To Focus On Labor And Education

Tamás Székely 2014.10.20.

“On the horizon is a healthily spirited, successful people,” PM Viktor Orbán said in his 20 minute speech held in the Millennium Park, in which he assessed the Fidesz party’s sweeping victory in the recent local elections. The government’s main goals of going forward are achieving full employment by 2018 and reforming the public education system, Orbán told.

Hungary’s government will submit its 2015 draft budget to parliament on Monday. Viktor Orbán told the gathering of his ruling FIDESZ party that two of the main goals of the budget would be to support job creation and streamline the public education sector. He said 178,000 people were still living on benefits, as opposed to over 500,000 in 2010. “We should see the reflection of this in the budget bill to be submitted tomorrow”, he told yesterday.

The decreasing number of unemployed people, Orbán added, shows that there will be more jobs in the future if FIDESZ governs the country. Orbán said these people would be put into work and taken off benefits by 2018, and “modern European industrial centres” would be created in place of the one-time Socialist industrial towns. On the topic of education, he said his government planned to create “Europe’s best school system” in the next few years,“with the support of the economy minister.”

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