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Hende: Hungary Fulfills Its Duty

admin 2014.10.17.

Hungary will contribute more than 100 soldiers to the new NATO mission starting in Afghanistan next January, Defence Minister Csaba Hende told a conference in Budapest. Hungary will contribute an annual 500,000 US dollars towards financing Afghan security forces between 2015 and 2017.After the International SecurityAssistance Force (ISAF) security mission ends this year, a new mission dubbed Resolute Support will start in January, focusing on providing training, advice and support to local forces, he added.

Referring to this year’s NATO summit in Wales, Csaba Hende told that “Historic” decisions had been made at this year’s NATO summit in Wales, which will determine the alliance’s future on the long term. He said the substance of the mutual defence clause of Article 5 had been strengthened in terms of reaction capacity. Further, NATO infrastructure has been strengthened on its eastern wing, thereby boosting the military security of Hungary and central Europe as a whole, he said. But all this requires much work to be done by the member states of the North-Atlantic alliance, he added.

Chief of General Staff Tibor Benkő said Hungary had been criticised for underspending on defence but the performance of Hungarian soldiers in international missions had always been praised by NATO leaders. He said one of the Wales summit’s most important messages to soldiers was that their readiness and capabilities must change. The goal is fast battle-readiness, mobility and the right level of fire support. Procurement will have to be accordingly implemented, he added.

via hungarymatters.hu photo: Szilárd Koszticsák (MTI)