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Péter Árvai, Prezi’s Co-Founder Is The 11th Most Influential LGBT Leader Of The World

By Robert Velkey // 2016.10.25.

Financial Times and Out-standing LGBT organization published a list about the most influential LGBT business leaders. The list contains names of a hundred of CEOs, directors, managers, chiefs, etc. in a ranked way. The first one on the list is Gigi Chao from Hong Kong, but we can find the leaders of Airbnb, Lloyd’ of London, and JPMorgan in the top 10 as well.

Péter Árvai is a CEO and co-founder of Prezi. Peter’s goal from day 1 was to create an open environment where everyone would be comfortable with sharing their identity with others and to celebrate diversity. This philosophy ended up seeing Prezi as the first Hungarian company to participate at the Budapest Pride in 2010 with their logo and branded t-shirts. And co-founding with Google and espell, the NGO We Are Open to promote openness at the workplace. This initiative is supported by more than 900 companies, communities and NGO’s within Hungary and regarded as a role model program by many companies throughout Europe.


Peter frequently talks about his background as a gay man including every on-boarding sessions. When Prezi was featured on the cover of Forbes, Peter utilised the opportunity to help the Hungarian LGBTQ scene by coming out and giving inspiration to other members of this community. He is currently the only openly gay CEO in Hungary.