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Governmental Aid To Students In Need

admin 2014.10.08.

The Hungarian government supports the studies of some 11 thousand students with aid worth HUF 1.8 billion (EUR 6 million) within the framework of the secondary school and school-leaving examination sub-programme of the “Provisions” (Hungarian: “Útravaló”) scholarship and mentor programme, which aims at promoting the equal opportunities and successful educational advancement of disadvantaged young people.

Government spokesperson Éva Kurucz announced that the sum of the monthly scholarship grant may amount to as much as HUF 15,000, in return for which the Government expects students to do well at school and to improve their performance. In the last school year, 14 thousand students received scholarship grants, and some 7,700 mentors were involved in the operation of the programme. More than one half of the students participating in the programme are young Roma.

The government spokesperson also reiterated that it is the ultimate goal of the Government to create a work-based society, rather than a benefit-based one, and to boost the number of people in employment to 5 million. To this end, young people must have competitive skills upon the completion of their studies. As part of the programme, students are helped to obtain vocational qualifications or even university degrees.

via kormany.hu (PM’s Office) photo: Károly Árva (kormany.hu)