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Winesong Festival This Weekend

admin 2014.09.26.

The wine region of Villány is one of the most popular corner of Hungary. Excellent wines, warm climate, rich cultural heritage, hospitable people: what else one could wish? Music and songs of course. This weekend the 18th European Winesong Festival will be held in Baranya county. Guests and participants arrive from various parts of Europe including Austria, Finland, Italy, Russia and Sweden.

The hosts inviting everyone who likes wine and singing: “Wine goes hand in hand with songs in every culture, but only the Hungarians have “winesongs” – you would think so. Well, it is already known from the history of the festivals: that, this musical treasury is unequally rich, inspired by the grape and wine through ages, cultures and continents. The Winesong festival served as a guide for more than a thousand male singers to the world of winesongs and excellent Hungarian wines. Beside the participants, the dedicated audience is also contributing year by year to the unforgettable and unique feeling of the festival.”

The program starts today with the visiting of the wine cellars of Villány and will conclude with a gala concert on Sunday in the city of Pécs.

source: villanyiborvidek.hu photo: winefestival.hu