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After The 1000th Donated Television, He Had To Stop His Mission

By Robert Velkey // 2017.06.08.

Attila Ellenbacher is a television repairman, and he had a mission.

He repaired televisions on his own budget, and donated them to health care and social care institutions. Thanks to his unusual volunteerism, numerous patients could get machines that would has not been provided by the hospital originally.

What did Attila do? He bought and collected old, used, broken televisions and repaired them. He bought the necessary components and control switches with money from his own pocket. After he repaired each TV, he donated it to a hospital or kind of social care institution.

What began as hobby grew into an almost overwhelming calling, as now many people bring him broken televisions. However, he cannot accept and repair them anymore, because he can no longer afford to pay for all the parts necessary. For this reason, Attila’s ‘mission’ came to an end after he donated his 1000th television.