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100-Year-Old Transylvanian Woman Receives Hungarian Citizenship for the Third Time in Her Life

Fanni Kaszás 2019.04.24.

Yesterday, on 23 April, exactly on her 100th birthday, Margit Geréd from Transylvania received her naturalization certificate and became a Hungarian citizen for the third time in her life.

(photo: Nándor Veres/MTI)

Margit Geréd was born on the 23rd of April in 1919 in Csíkszentmiklós, Transylvania and has never left her homeland since. She still resides in Csíkborzsova, which belongs to the area where she was born as a Hungarian citizen. ‘Aunt Marcsa’ lost her citizenship in 1920 when Transylvania became part of Romania following the Treaty of Trianon. She was granted Hungarian citizenship once again in 1940 due to the Second Vienna Award, which assigned the Northern part of Transylvania back to Hungary from Romania. After the end of the Second World War, Aunt Marcsa lost her Hungarian citizenship again when under the Paris Peace Treaties in 1947, the Vienna Awards were declared null and void and Transylvania was again ceded to Romania.

Yesterday, on her 100th birthday, Margit Geréd received dual citizenship, making her a Hungarian citizen for the third time. Tibor Ferencz, the Mayor of Csíkszépvíz, and László Tóth, the Consul General of Csíkszereda, greeted her at Ferencz’s home in Csíkborzsova.