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10 000 Pages Of Communist-Era Secret Files To Be Declassified In Hungary

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.04.26.

Hungary’s National Remembrance Committee (NEB), tasked with investigating the acts of the communist regime, has asked for some ten thousand pages of secret military files from the Communist era to be declassified, the daily newspaper Magyar Idők has reported.

After two years of thorough research, the committee proposed to the Military National Security Service which documents from 1950 to 1964 should have their confidential status lifted, István Ötvös, a historian and a member of

the NEB, told the paper. The final say on allowing access to the files now rests with the Military National Security Service, he said, adding that the body is expected to make a decision soon.

Mr. Ötvös also told the Monday edition of the conservative newspaper that concerning the secret military files, the Committee aimed to uncover the full scope of documents, although certain sections of files will remain closed to research even regarding the period until 1964. In response to a question, the historian said that “it cannot clearly be considered a failure” that no final ruling was reached in the war crimes trial of former senior Communist politician Béla Biszku before he died recently.

via hungarymatters.hu and magyaridok.hu
photo: fotopalyazat.birosag.hu