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István Tarlós – Interview

István Tarlós, born in Budapest, is a Hungarian politician, Mayor of Budapest since 2010 and is currently the Fidesz’s candidate for the upcoming local government election of October, where he intends to become a two-term mayor of Budapest. In an interview for news portal he talked about the new election system, the hot topics of the campaign and future […]


Miklós Seszták – Interview

Born in Budapest, Miklós Seszták is a Hungarian jurist, politician and currently the Minister for National Development, he is also one of the vice presidents of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt, KDNP). In interview for portal Napigazdaság the minister talked about his plans for the next cycle. After the purchase of Főgáz (Budapest Gas Supplier) by the Hungarian […]


Lajos Kósa – Interview

Born in Debrecen, Lajos Kósa is a Hungarian economist, politician and currently the mayor of his hometown since 1998. He has also represented Debrecen in the National Assembly of Hungary also since 1998. As a member of parliament since 1990 he has served on several committees, including, but not limited to the Local Government and Regional Affairs Committee, Defense and Law Enforcement Committee and Economic Committee. […]