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Note from the Editors: Website Update

Dear Readers, According to Hungarian tradition, St. Nicholas arrives every year on the night of his feast day (Dec. 6th), leaving chocolates and other presents for well-behaved children. Well, it would seem that we at Hungary Today have been at least moderately good, as this year we have received a new webiste, courtesy of both St. Nicholas and our own […]


DARING TO DREAM BIG! The 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Budapest, Hungary!

Making Hungary great again? The comparison to Donald Trump’s successful election campaign slogan in the United States is not far-fetched. “We mean business and we are here to win”, the U.S. President-elect kept saying all along. In many ways, the Hungarian prime minister has a similar attitude. “Daring to dream big!” has been the motivating maxim of the Orbán government […]


„After Forty Years, Finally It Is Not ‘Lame’ To Deal with Folk Music” – Exclusive Interview With Ferenc Sebő

HungaryToday talked with Ferenc Sebő, a folk-musician who has been the recipient of the Kossuth Prize and Artist of the Nation Prize. He is a songwriter, folklorist and architect, as well as a guitar and hurdy-gurdy player; furthermore, he is one of the founders of the Hungarian “táncházmozgalom” (folklore-movement). In this interview, he discusses the current status of the folk music in […]


From Bloody Tyrant to ‘Uncle Joe’: Memories of Francis Joseph on the 100th Anniversary of his Death

A century ago today, Emperor-King Francis Joseph, the longest reigning ruler of Hungary and the third-longest reigning monarch in European history, died. He died in the place he was born, in the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. And while in Austria’s capital his face and name are practically omnipresent, in Budapest he is nowhere to be seen. For Francis Joseph has always held […]


The 10 Deadly Sins of the Kádár Era

Today, 60 years ago, the Hungarian Revolution was brutally crushed by Soviet forces. The revolutionaries were defeated, some of them were killed, some were imprisoned, while hundreds of thousands fled as refugees and those who remained saw the return of Communism, albeit in a different. We published a piece last year which discussed the events of November 4th in-depth, which […]


Interview With László Dózsa, The Revolutionary Who Survived His Execution, Was Declared Officially Dead,  and is Today the Director of the Újpest Theater

László Dózsa was a revolutionary in 1956. His life’s tale is the fascinating story of a freedom fighter and survivor during and after the revolution. First, he survived his own execution, only to be beaten nearly to death and left for dead in a mass grave, before a grave digger pulled him out. According to the official report of the […]


“Bridge For Talents” – Interview With Bálint Szüle The Project Manager Of The New Generation Centre In London

What is the goal of creating the New Generation Centre London? What established the demand for it? The New Generation Centre London, which is an umbrella organisation of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities, opened in February of 2016. The initiative was created as part of the Hungarian Governments wide ranging National Talent Programme. The Community Centre & Youth Office […]

Budapest, 2011. július 5.
Csizmadia László, a Civil Összefogás Fórum alapítója, szóvivője részt vesz a Civil Együttműködési Tanácskozás (CET) sajtótájékoztatóján, a Wekerle Sándor Alapkezelő székházában.
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“We Can’t Transform Europe Into A Bazaar”: László Csizmadia On Europe After Hungary’s Refugee Referendum

In the following, László Csizmadia, chairman of Hungary’s pro-government Civil Cooperation Forum (CÖF), shares his thoughts on Hungary and Europe a fortnight after Hungary’s referendum against the EU’s proposed compulsory refugee resettlement quota scheme. – Can you tell us about your organisation’s mission and chief areas of activity in brief? – Prior to the 2 October referendum, we thought it […]


„A Hungarian Success Story” – Interview With Zoltán Péter Nagy, Head Of Communications At OTP BANK

Hungarian media reported that OTP Bank’s András Fáy Foundation has been rewarded with the prestigious COMENIUS EduMedia Award in Germany. On the occasion of the remarkable achievement, we have had a talk with Zoltán Péter Nagy, head of communications and marketing at OTP Bank.   What should one know about the COMENIUS EduMedia Award? As far as I know, the […]