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Ádám Topolánszky - Hungary Today

The Trump-Orbán Vision: Parallels Between U.S. And Central European Immigration Policies

Hysterical reactions of the liberal elite to President Trump’s travel suspension are similar to liberal outrage regarding Hungary’s recent immigration policies. As we all remember, in 2015 the liberal establishment worldwide hysterically and irrationally reacted to the Hungarian government’s decision to secure Hungary’s borders. Other central European countries, such as Slovakia, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia have announced similar measures and […]


“Give Back Something To Our Homeland” – Interview with Mr. Gyula Elemér Balogh, President of the Americans for Hungarians Foundation

Last week, HungaryToday interviewed Mr. Gyula Elemér Balogh, the President of the Americans for Hungarians Foundation and the Co-President of the American Hungarian Federation. During our interview Mr. Balogh discussed the activities and achievements of the aforementioned organizations, as well as his role in organizing Hungarian Balls in New York. How did the American Hungarian Club begin? Where did the idea […]


Shadow Boxing And Democracy Export

THE NYT, FP AND BLOOMBERG ARE AT IT AGAIN… BADGERING THE HUNGARIAN GOVERNMENT IN THE “LOVING SPIRIT” OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON! Now that Donald Trump has officially won the presidential elections in the United States and will be inaugurated President on January 20, 2017, leading western newspapers, magazines and online journals have been launching a last-minute barrage of political attacks […]


The Magic Of Christmas In Sarasota

Emigration is a mixed blessing for all Hungarians, no matter what part of the globe they have been dispersed to. On the one hand, they try to blend into their new adopting country as immigrants (in this case the United States) and on the other hand, they attempt to preserve their unique heritage and the language. “Maintaining our Hungarian language […]


Exclusive Interview With Lobbyist Connie Mack IV, The Hungarian Government’s Washington D.C. Advocate

In an exclusive interview with Hungary Today Mr. Mack speaks about his work experiences with Hungary so far, his offensive Trump tweets and his relationship with Arthur J. Finkelstein, who works as PM Viktor Orbán’s main campaign adviser. As an American, what are the first 3 things that come to mind about Hungary in general? A rich history, a brave people […]

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Note from the Editors: Website Update

Dear Readers, According to Hungarian tradition, St. Nicholas arrives every year on the night of his feast day (Dec. 6th), leaving chocolates and other presents for well-behaved children. Well, it would seem that we at Hungary Today have been at least moderately good, as this year we have received a new webiste, courtesy of both St. Nicholas and our own […]